About Us

Our Journey Started in 1969 as Sreehari Travels , India &now Continuing as Lenhart Group in UAE with the expansion of Hayaat Marine service & JSB Technical Service & Lenhart Travel & Tourism LLC
Lenhart Travel & Tourism LLC, Corporate Office Based in Dubai, UAE, Licensed by the Government of Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing(DTCM) with various other Operating Branches in Ajman & Overseas offices at India & Nigeria.

Lenhart Travel & Tourism LLC is a Destination Management Company (DMC) in UAE & Wholesale Service provider of Inbound & Outbound Holiday Packages. “Tourism is our passion and not just a business”. Anyone can copy our packages & strategy but our quality of service can’t take from our side. We believe more in delivering than just promising. With rich expertise and experience wholesale tourism market, we understand the requirement of the customer and provide the quality and professional service.The system of personalized services has revolutionized the world of travel sites and we have positioned ourselves trustworthy in the market, so that we can be your ultimate facilitators. The Progression of the Company has been made possible for many reasons; the continuous support and recommendation from existing clients, coupled with the commitment from our dedicated team and the high level of service we are proud to deliver. Whether it is Dubai or Kashmir/Great Pyramid or Great Wall/Table Mountain or Mountain Ghorillas/Scenic Alps or Kenyan Safari/Dhanushkodi or Rovaniemi/Rome or Varanasi or Hajj-Umrah and any other destinations from South Pole to North Pole or Whatever your holiday Requirements and wherever you choose to go our Friendly team at Lenhart Tours look forward to having the opportunity to discuss your requirements with you and are always happy to help. We know you may face the difficulty for while booking your travel packages. By being one of the best Travel Expert leave it up to us to take care of your things so that you can focus on what to do. Because We have the team of dedicated and professional staff have provided cost efficient tour packages. only you make plans we make memories to you with 360 degree information & arrangements about any destination . We are committed to provide not only hassle free travel solutions but also end to end services to our clients. The factor that makes us stand out from the rest is our attention to every minor detail. Memories made while on tour with us are cherished by you and valued by us. Our driving force is the good customer feedback we receive from a content customer. Unity and good coordination within our workforce has resulted in us arranging our customers’ tours according to their preferences. Good memories create memorable holidays. We believe that and strive towards providing it for every customer who enters through our doors.

Our Mission

• While doing business, we also strive to support global communication and the realization of a peaceful, eco-friendly society.
• We are passionate about servicing the travel needs of companies and individuals globally through the commitment, integrity and dedication of our professional, well-trained staff and business partners.
• We pride ourselves in delivering value-added services, whilst creating a paradigm shift in cost-effective and efficient travel packages for both local and international travel.

Our Goals

• To Provide reliable, efficient and quality services to our customers.
• To research and develop solutions in order to save time and money but not at the expense of compromising with the quality of our service.
• To maintain our quality control system and provide our after-sale services.– company development and growth • To be the first choice in addressing the travel needs of individuals.
• To render services quickly and efficiently so that clients are inspired by the provision of timeous service
• To provide packages that are cost effective and tailor-made to suit the needs of the broad spectrum of travellers throughout the world

Our Promise To You

We will use our professional knowledge and skills to provide memorable experiences that exceed your expectations. In order to keep our promise, we will follow these basic guidelines:
• Maintain a professional appearance and attitude.
• Utilize creativity and speed to make the wishes of our customers and clients a reality.
• Adhere to deadlines and fulfil obligations.
• Comply with all laws and regulations.
• Respect each other and encourage an open work environment.

Our Services

• International Holiday Packages
• Worldwide Visa Assistance
• Worldwide Hotel Booking
• Worldwide Tours Attractions & Experience Booking
• World Wide Excursion Tickets
• MICE Ground Handling
• FIT & Group Package Tours
• Students Educational Group Tours
• Tailor Made Packages
• Meet and Greet Services
• Air Tickets
• Airport Transfers
• Transport Rental
• Pilgrimage Tours
• Houseboat Reservations
• Destination Weddings
• Cruise Line Booking
• Travel Insurances
• Limousine & Yacht Rental
• Tourist Guides
• Desert & Mountain Adventure Safaris
• Private Jet Charter Booking

Internal Company Philosophy

• We are a team of like-minded people who strive for self-development and company development for our own and public good.
• We understand that good results can be achieved only through everyday work and personal development.
• We understand that we are interdependent and mutually responsible.
• We understand that each of us is part of one whole, and our own well-being and the well-being of our loved ones and colleagues depends on every one of us.
• We understand that together we are strong and that only through joint efforts can we manage challenges and be a success.

External Company Philosophy

• We understand that the tourism sector, in which we work, is one of very important areas in the life of humankind because it brings different nations together through cultural exchange.
• We understand that our clients are people for whom we organise their rest and recreation and provide the services they need using our knowledge and skills.
• We understand that our work must meet high standards and give people pleasure and satisfaction.

Office Address

Lenhart Travel & Tourism LLC.
al khayaat Building
Shop No :- 9:
Behind Arabian Courtyard Hotel
Nearby Baloch Mosque
BurDubai, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

L is for Love & Loyalty, everlasting.
E is for Excellence & Ethics, your passion, your drive.
N is for Notable, distinguished are your feats
H is for Honest, something you hold dear.
A is for Accord, the harmony you spread.
R is for Rich & Responsibility, in the love from others
T is for Transparent & Traditional, Somewhat old fashioned.