Travel Insurance

If you are looking for prominent Travel Insurance in Dubai, then Lenhart Travel & Tourism LLC is your best choice. Whether it's a family holiday, business trip, or a weekend tour, LenhartTravel and Tourism LLC allows you to keep yourself completely protected against any unexpected events

Our Dubai based travel insurance services cover both your domestic and international travels and includes Destination/Activity/Frequent Flyers Delight insurance plans with incidents like trip cancellations, baggage loss, delays, personal accidents, illness ,theft of valuables, loss of unforeseen expenses such as medical treatment, flight interruptions or cancellations,. With our travel insurance plans, enjoy your time on your travel to the fullest, and focus on making memories, not on unnecessary worries.

The policy amount depends on variables such as distance, risk factors, medical costs in that country and other criteria. We help you to evaluate and analyze the best travel insurance plan you require.

we take care of all these factors and show the appropriate plan for you whether you are travelling for an adventure or entertainment event For more details & information kindly send the email to